Introduction to Gilding

Gilding is a timeless printing technique that really enhances the quality of printed items by applying foil or paint to their edges. This technique elevates the craftsmanship of various paper-based products such as invitations, business cards, and other printed materials to a whole other level. 

The Gilding and Edge Painting Process 

The gilding process involves the application of foil or custom PMS ink to the edge of the paper. For foil application, any foil used for foil stamping can be utilized. Alternatively, custom PMS ink can be employed to match the printing for a cohesive look.

Ideal Conditions

For optimal results, gilding is best performed on thick invitations or business cards. The thickness of the substrate accentuates the gilding effect, making it more prominent and visually striking.

Application Method

The foil or ink is applied to the paper’s edge using a combination of heat and pressure. This technique ensures precise and uniform coverage, resulting in a flawless finish.

Enhancing Luxury Print Items

Gilding adds a beautiful other dimension to luxury print items, enhancing their overall elegance and sophistication. Whether it’s an invitation or a high-end business card, gilding has the capacity to set these items apart from the ordinary.


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