About our company

Sunset Printing is a third generation family owned company providing print and brand management services to companies throughout the world. Established in 1945, we have a long history of old-world quality, craftsmanship, and dedication to our clients.

We aim to create customizable solutions that streamline your company’s print management process, cut down on spending, while building and maintaining your brand. By merging the latest technologies with our commitment to craftsmanship, we are able to deliver our clients award-winning results.

From our 27,000 square foot facility in Wharton, New Jersey, we provide the following services:

G7+ Master Qualified Printer

PRINTING United Alliance G7 Master Qualification

At Sunset, we are proud to be one of the leading G7+ Master Printers in New Jersey. By being a leading provider of G7+ level quality, we are able to deliver your best product to you.

What is the G7+ Master Qualification Certification and Why Do We Have It?

Consistency of calibration. Consistency is so important across brand management. Our G7+ Certification ensures all of your print products will have the same calibration standards across all of your print.

Benefits of The G7+ Master Qualification Certification

  • Consistent Print Density
  • Highly Precise ICC Color Profile Accuracy
  • Gray Balance Compliance with Substrate-Corrected-Colorimetric Aims (SCCA)

Learn More about the G7+ CertificationĀ 

FAQs about G7+ Certification

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Green Initiative

At Sunset, we recognize that every company has a choice about how they will impact the environment around them and what they can do to reduce that impact. We have taken a very close look at our daily activities and have made numerous changes throughout the organization to make our company greener and ultimately make a more positive impact on the environment.

We currently recycle 100% of our paper and cardboard product waste. We use recycled paper throughout our facility as well as soy based ink and chemical products. In 2018 we completed the replacement of all lighting and HVAC systems with low energy efficient modules and have changed our own everyday routines to help conserve water and energy.

We have been instrumental in helping our customers to learn about the environmentally friendly papers and print options that are currently available and will continue to do so because we recognize that that change must start with us. Call us to find out how your next project can help the environment and look incredible at the same time!

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