PRINTING United Alliance G7 Master Qualification

At Sunset, we are proud to be a G7+ certified printer, delivering superior offset printing services that bring your designs to life with precision and excellence.

What is G7 Certification?

G7 is an industry-leading color management standard that ensures consistent color reproduction across different printing devices and substrates. It is based on the principles of gray balance and tonal neutrality, providing a method for achieving visual consistency and color accuracy in print production.

Color Separation Expertise:

Our experienced team, trained in G7+ methodologies, uses cutting-edge graphic software to expertly separate your original artwork into the essential colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This meticulous process guarantees vibrant and true-to-life colors in your final prints.

Efficient Image Transfer:

Utilizing advanced offset printing techniques, we ensure efficient transfer of images from a flat plate to a rubber blanket surface before applying them to the paper. This results in accurate reproduction of your designs with every print.

Consistency Calibration:

With a focus on quality, our systems are meticulously calibrated to maintain consistency between the Epson proof and the final printed sheet. This ensures that what you see in your proofs accurately reflects the end result, achieving the desired color consistency and accuracy.

Controlled Ink Density:

We prioritize precision in every print by monitoring and controlling the ink density of each color during the printing process using densitometers or spectrophotometers. This meticulous attention to detail ensures uniformity and high-quality results.

Printing on our Heidelberg SX74:

We utilize our state-of-the-art Heidelberg SX74 press for our offset printing. Renowned for their reliability and precision, this press ensures exceptional print quality and consistency. With advanced features and technology, including automated controls and inline color management systems, our Heidelberg presses deliver superior results for your printing projects.

Enhanced Finishing:

To add an extra layer of sophistication, we offer special coatings that enhance gloss or matte finishes, elevating the appearance of your prints and adding to their overall quality, while adhering to G7+ standards for visual consistency.

Consideration of Paper Color:

Understanding the importance of paper color, our team carefully selects paper stocks to ensure your designs look their best. We take into account how paper color can affect the final appearance of your prints, ensuring optimal quality in every aspect.

Trust us for all your offset printing needs. With our commitment to quality, precision, and adherence to G7+ standards, combined with the value of printing on our Heidelberg SX74 press, we’ll bring your visions to life with exceptional results that exceed your expectations.


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