Stationery and forms management

Easily manage a wide catalog of template driven collateral for thousands of employees from a single, easy to navigate online storefront.

Inventory management and fulfillment

Manage thousands of SKUs from your desktop with easy to navigate thumbnails and realtime inventory levels, floor level notifications and cost center routing upon order fulfillment.

Event Management / E-vite

Maximize your organizations reach and event response by creating a streamlined catalog of template driven invitations, evites, signage and other event related collateral that is on the shelf and ready to be customized for each event.

Store Signage

Sunset can create custom signage solutions that can manage an unlimited variety of substrates, sizes and formats including sign hardware. The portal can maintain location specific criteria that will populate based on each individual login. Administrators can determine what collateral is at each location with a simple and easy to view management screen.

Multi-language collateral management

Online collateral can be translated into any language using certified translation agencies. Pre-translated templates can be made available for global reach of direct marketing.

Retail POS collateral

Retail forms and POS collateral can be easily managed from a central corporate location for hundreds of retail locations including labels, packaging, forms, tissue, receipt holders, gift cards and other retail documents.

HR Onboarding solutions

Manage your HR Onboarding documents with easily managed online kits of your companies specific HR onboarding tools.

On-Demand marketing /Salesforce collateral management

Easily manage a view a library of marketing collateral that can be offered to channel marketing partners and distributors as well as large salesforces. Printing can be produced On-Demand to minimize any unused or invalid inventory.

VIP Customer Loyalty solutions

Create tiered VIP solutions to reach out to your most valued customers using sale drive offers, VIP cards, and monthly direct mail to maintain customer loyalty.

Promotional item storefront

Host an internal storefront of branded promotional items. Great to have on hand for visitors and marketing events.