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Customer Service
  • How do I check my order status?

    To check the status on any order, login to netEZPrintX and click on "Orders" in the top navigational bar. This will display any order you have placed previously. By clicking "Details" next to the order, you will be able to view the order details, such as date/time placed, item information, costs, etc.

  • How do I reorder an item?

    To reorder a previously ordered item, login to netEZPrintX and click on "Orders" in the top navigational bar. This will display any order you have previously placed. Click "Details" to the right of the order. On the next screen, click "Reorder" to the right of the item you wish to reorder. This will place a copy of the item back in the shopping cart. You may then checkout, or continue shopping.

  • How do I put a Rush on an item?

    If you need to order an item that must be shipped right away, you may place a "Rush" on the item. To do so, contact your customer service rep and request a Rush Order.

  • I've found an error on my order - what do I do?

    If, after you have placed an order, you realize that there is an error on the item, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible.

  • I don't see the item that I need - what do I do?

    If you are looking to order an item that you do not see in the catalog, please contact a customer service rep directly. It is possible that the item is in process and will be added to the online catalog shortly, or it has not yet been requested. The customer service rep will be able to determine what needs to be done to complete your order.

  • What is your return policy?

    No order returns will be accepted without a valid RMA number. The RMA number must be obtained from our office within 7 (seven) days of receipt of this shipment. Please contact your customer service representative at (973) 537-9600. For more information our return policy, please click here.

Ordering Process
  • How do I customize an item?

    To customize an item for order, login into netEZPrintX and select the item you wish to order from the catalog. You will immediately be directed to the form-filling options. You may now enter your personalized information for the item, depending on the item specifications.

  • How do I view a proof of my item before I order?

    You can view a proof of any item you are ordering by clicking the button "PDF Preview" on any of the ordering steps, or in the cart itself. It is very important to review the proof BEFORE ordering any item.

  • How do I save an item to order later?

    If you have completed an item, but are not ready to order it right away, you have two options. By saving an item to the shopping cart, it will remain there indefinitely until it is manually removed or checked out (ordered). You also have the option of adding the item to the shopping cart and clicking "Hold" to the right of the item. This will move the item to a new section in your cart entitled "Hold for Later." It will remain there until it is deleted or moved back to the shopping cart.

Checkout Process
  • Why can't I check my item out?

    Items that have incomplete form filling or invalid values in some fields cannot be checked out. If you have added an item to the shopping cart and it is placed in a section called "Hold for Later," it means that you must complete the form filling properly before checking out.

  • How long do items remain in my shopping cart?

    Items remain in the shopping cart indefinitely until the item is checked out or manually removed.

  • What are the payment options?

    Payment options include purchase order, credit card, company account, or invoicing. The options depend on your company's requirements. Please speak with a customer service representative if you are unsure.

Technical Questions
  • What are the system requirements to use netEZPrintX?

    netEZPrintX is available via any web browser on any computer at any time. We recommend the use of Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and that the pop-up blocker is disabled. You may download Internet Explorer at no cost here. We do require Acrobat Reader in order to view PDF proofs. You may download Acrobat Reader at no cost here.

  • How do I contact technical support?

    You may contact Technical Support in three ways: Phone 1-800-9-SUNSET, ext. 21; Email support@sunsetcorpid.com; or Live Chat from the button at the top of every catalog screen.