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Sunset Holiday Cards Giveaway

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Featured Holiday Cards
Featured Holiday Cards

We have been busy beginning to send out this years holiday cards! From foil stamping to sculpted embossed animals, our holiday cards are sure to bring joy and cheer to all who receive them. The holidays are the perfect time for giving thanks and showing your appreciation to family, friends and business colleagues. Sending a card in the mail reminds them how grateful you are for their support.

To extend our thanks for being a part of the Sunset family, we are giving away a limited number of holiday card packs. To enter the giveaway, follow us on Instagram and like and comment on our holiday post. What better time to showcase the exciting world of print than the holidays!

History and Heritage at Sunset

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Sunset Printers 100 year heritage

When you first arrive at Sunset, the first thing you might notice is our history, its everywhere. We keep it in our parking lot by way of a George H. Sanborn Vintage Book Press. We greet it in our entryway by way of a Peerless Gem Guillotine Paper Cutter circa 1890 that we’ve lovingly restored. Every where you go in Sunset, we proudly display our history and heritage. Sure these antiques are cool, but to us it’s more than that.


The Process

As printing speeds forward with new technology and advancements in capabilities, we feel we must stay rooted in the history and heritage of what we’re doing. That’s what separates the pressman from the craftsman. Everyday we put ink on the rollers, we are honoring the legacy of generations of printers before us who saw what they were doing was as much an art form as it was a science and a job.  Feel free to drop us a line, we love hosting visitors to share with them a bit of our history, a piece of our heritage and a vision of our future.

vintage book cutter from 1800s
antique vintage sanborn book press

3rd Annual Sunset Print Designers Workshop with Mohawk Paper

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On Wednesday May 24th, 2017, Sunset Printing opened its door for the 3rd Annual Print Designers Workshop sponsored by Mohawk Paper.


The Event

This event featured an exclusive hands on workshop in our factory bringing together designers, marketers and print enthusiasts from some of New Yorks most prestigious names in fashion and design including Tommy Hilfiger, Ann Taylor, L’Oreal, Coach, Stuart Weitzman, Harry Winston and West Elm.

The event featured in depth discussions on a wide variety of printing processes, how they are best utilized and most importantly how to design for each process. Our main focus was to help designers get the most out of their print. Not to be outdone, the team from Mohawk Paper was on site as well.  They came showcasing their many beautiful lines of paper and showed us how each paper type, combined with the right process, can take any design to the next level.


The Workshop

The day began with introductions from the Sunset team, Mohawk team and of course our attendees. We divided into several groups to tour the facility, review samples, and get a closer look at the extensive Mohawk library. The tour went through each of the printing processes, press by press, with each press setup to print on the same worksheet for the day featuring a beautiful design of a butterfly collection.


Butterfly Samples of our Presses in Action!

Each single sheet of butterflies featured CMYK offset printing, Spot Color offset printing, Foil stamping over offset, Offset printing over foil, Letterpress, Engraving, Blind Embossing and Thermography. Actually being able to see the ink on press, the dies and how they transfer the impression with the various materials in action was a valuable experience for all.  All of our dedicated print designers that came were able to really benefit from watching the process of production, from start to finish.


The Swag and Samples

After a delicious lunch and a presentation of certificates for attendance at Sunset University, attendees returned to their office with a collection of samples, a custom CMYK winebox and Rose’ and a vast new knowledge with which to create their next amazing print project.



For more information on the next Sunset Print Designer’s workshop or to order a sample of your own multi-process butterfly collection, please contact – Deron@sunsetprinters.com

973-537-9600 x36